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Shout out to some Real Neighborhood Heros! The City of Atlanta Fire Dept!


The Fire Dept. figuring out how to get the pinned Driver out of the car. 


The Driver being escorted to his ride to the hospital.

Thanks to the Fast Action of the Atlanta Fire Dept., the tow truck driver, who had lost control of the car he was pulling onto his Truck has two legs. His leg had become wedged between the car and my house, which the car hit The driver was pinned in and quickly loosing circulation in his leg. The sirens came in record time after I made the 911 call. The firemen heroically lifted the car to move it (with additional help from my neighbor Scott) and the leg was freed. The driver was taken to the hospital and will be fine, thank goodness! But what a morning and what a team! Nice job guys!
p.s. My son, Gibson, would like you to know, at the time, he was in the shower right where the car hit the house and he is fine. 🙂


How the Car stopped from rolling down the hill and into the back yard.

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